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If you were to "assuage" something, what are you doing to it?

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What does the word "homogeneous" mean?

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What is another way of saying something was "onerous"?

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What is someone if they are a "neophyte"?

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If two things are said to be "disparate", what does that say about the relationship between them?

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What is a synonym for the word "perfunctory"?

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What does it mean if something is described as "tenuous"?

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Vocabulary Quiz

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If you happen to can move this phrase quiz it means you may have a bigger vocabulary than the common individual. That is one thing necessary to have if you would like to have the ability to talk your ideas, opinions, and extra in an efficient method. Having to get by with a lower than common vocabulary means you might be much less in a position to clarify issues to different folks. This results in extra miscommunication and the numerous results and misunderstandings which will come up.

Many individuals cease studying new phrases after they depart faculty however it is a mistake. We’re consistently rising and must be consistently educating ourselves as nicely, together with increasing our vocabulary. Maybe you might be somebody who already has a big vocabulary, nevertheless, and can be capable to move this quiz with out a lot drawback. There is just one solution to discover out, although, and that’s by taking this quiz and answering the questions contained inside.


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